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Dragon Ball Legends: Tips To Become The Strongest Fighter

Dragon Ball Legends is the newest installment to the popular anime and game franchise. In this new saga, you get to join Goku and the rest of the gang on a new adventure filled with epic battles. You have to defeat your opponents using your character’s powers. Shallot, the new and mysterious hero, has special abilities and unique superpowers, which you can use to aid your allies in battle. Aside from the basic punches and Ki Blasts, you have to learn all the other special abilities that each of your Fighter has.

Join the clash and show your enemies how it’s done in this all-new Dragon Ball Legends game. But before that, you can gain the advantage with the various tips we have ready for you. Read more to become the strongest Super Saiyan you always wanted to be!

Understand The Rules of Basic Combat

Dragon Ball Legends employs the use of cards on top of button-bashing mechanics. However, it doesn’t mean hammering away at the buttons and randomly selecting cards will lead you to victory. You need to time your moves carefully as your opponents will do the same. This is especially true in online PVP as you’ll encounter other, more experienced players.

When in combat, you need to make good use of dodge movements on top of your combo. One good practice is to side dash every time you unleash a melee or ranged attack. Try to pick an attack card then quickly tap the left or right button to side-step. Do this every time so your opponent won’t have the ability to react.


If you want to keep your distance from a melee onslaught, you can try “back-float”. This is an advanced technique that works better than the back-dash. Just float away from your opponent and when it attacks, quickly press dodge to teleport beside your rival. You can then activate a series of powerful combos.

Rushing Your Way To Absolute Victory

A few other aspects to take note of when fighting in Dragon Ball Legends are the Ultimate Arts card and Rising Rush. The Ultimate Arts cards are special moves unique to every DBZ fighter. When they pop up in your hand, it’s best to use them to deal heavy damage. The catch is they use Ki energy before you can activate them. You can charge Ki by holding the attack button. Just be careful as doing so will leave you wide open for an attack. It’s best to do this when the enemy is briefly stunned.

Rising Rush, on the other hand, is a unique mechanic that acts as a finishing move. It can be activated if you manage to collect seven Dragon Balls during a fight. Some cards will appear on your hand with the Dragon Ball icon on it. Click it to get closer to activating Rising Rush. Once you’ve collected enough, you can then proceed to see the sequence. So that’s about it for the combat tips in Dragon Ball Legends. Use them to gain a competitive advantage in all your epic battles on PC!